Men's, Women's Clothing

Barlly Manufacturer - garment factory of quality, sustainable clothing

We carry out production of full-cycle clothing, from search for materials, development of patterns to branding and shipment of finished products.

Assortment: men's shirts, jeans, trousers, demi-season and winter jackets, blazers, women's dresses, blouses, knitwear.

Manufacturer dress shirts, casual shirts, women's blouses

Our specialized sewing line for shirts is equipped with modern equipment that allows us to achieve high productivity and tailoring quality. We work with the world's leading manufacturers of shirting fabrics, we have the opportunity to produce a unique fabric for a client's request or offer up-to-date catalogs of our suppliers.

Pre-order knitwear manufacturer

The manufacture is equipped with special equipment for the production of a wide range of knitwear: t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, sweatpants, sportswear. The extraordinary talent and extensive experience of our seamstresses allow us to create products of unsurpassed quality. In production, we use carefully selected materials from leading manufacturers: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan and Turkey.

Jeans manufacturer and outerwear clothing on pre-order

Specialized sewing line for sewing outerwear and jeans with a focus on high quality, scrupulousness and creativity.

Here we produce designer clothes for brands focused on high quality and complexity of execution. For our customers, we offer carefully selected materials and fittings from the world's leading manufacturers.

How we are working

Each stage of the chain is carefully planned, details are worked out to achieve maximum efficiency and quality of the final product

  • 01.

    Design creation

  • 02.

    Fabrics and accessories selection

  • 03.

    Samples creation

  • 04.

    Sample testing

  • 05.

    Final samples creation

  • 06.

    Maximum care. Batch production

  • 07.

    Products transportation

  • 08.

    Final product delivery

  • Quality

    Hard work, the best suppliers of materials, production experience - these are the key factors that guarantee the quality for which we are responsible.
  • Comfort

    We create clothes with your comfort in mind, paying special attention to practicality in everyday life, design details, texture of materials and production technology.
  • Functionality

    We explore new functionalities of fabrics in order to offer the client a better solution for the practical use of things.
  • Sustainability

    With the consumer and the environment in mind, most of our collections use natural, organic and recycled materials.

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